26 December 2007

kenapa bintang?

star (stär) - noun
  1. any of the luminous celestial objects seen as points of light in the sky; esp., any self-luminous celestial body having continuous nuclear reactions which send heat, light, etc. in all directions
  2. a conventionalized flat figure having (usually five or six) symmetrical projecting points, regarded as a representation of a star of the sky
  3. any mark, shape, emblem, or the like resembling such a figure, often used as an award, symbol of rank or authority, etc.
  4. asterisk
  5. - Astrol. a zodiacal constellation or a planet regarded as influencing human fate or destiny
    - fate; destiny; fortune
  6. a person who excels or performs brilliantly in a given activity, esp. a sport, an act
  7. a prominent actor or actress, esp. one playing a leading role and having special billing in a given production

Hope description kat atas ni explain kenapa bintang/star dipilih sebagai tajuk blog ini.. Satu perkataan dengan tujuh (7) maksud.. impressive isn't it?



SITI said...

Orang pertama bagi komen. Ihiks.

Kau kene menulis blog ini secomel tajuknyers, ok?

Keep on writing, Bro!

najmi said...

star=najmi in arabic!HAHAHA:P